APL MODELS is one of the most diverse modeling agencies that offers its clients very rare models from The Netherlands and United States .


Fashion Stylist Daphne Oosthuizen started the agency in her home in 2019 after running her styling agency ABOUT PARIS LONDON for 3 years. While she’s representing unique individuals, she also embraces and encourages change, diversity, equality, equity and inclusiveness.


They are always on the lookout for unique NEW FACES to join their beloving agency. They look for individuals whom they believe have potential for a long-term career but more importantly, who will be an amazing fit for the agency.

Their main focus is to build a family environment where their team truly cares for the individuals. They are more than just an agency, they are a family focused on new talent and trying their hardest to transform them into stars.


They don't follow the rules. They open doors cause reality matters.